Sujata Achrekar

“Life, when translated into color, becomes vibrant and offers new perspectives on things endured.”

Sensitive and full of colour, Sujata Achrekar’s paintings are a reflection of her mind. She is able to convey the misery and the helplessness of humans trapped by circumstances, from which there is no escape. The unusual textual quality of her work is due to the skillful handling of colour and theme. These form a basis for her to portray the myriad moods and lives of the working class.

Most of her creations are restricted to a single figure that occupies the centre-stage. It is in her treatment of these that she gives individuality to the canvases. Sujata Achrekar blends figures and the abstract, and then proceeds to distort them to get her message across.

Achrekar’s canvases are predominantly worked in oils, with a profusion of earthy tones. Raw sienna, ochre and burnt orange are thrown into relief, and white is used sporadically. However, she is not averse to more brilliant shades: blues, reds and yellows also find a place on her palette, but are laid on sparingly.

Sujata Achrekar graduated from the Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, in 1992.

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